Exclusive, Limited-Edition Food Drops with Biite

At Deus, we're always looking to bring people together around the things they're passionate about. Sometimes that's awesome bikes, sometimes that's discovering a new trail, sometimes it's as simple as sharing something delicious with the people you love.
Which is why over the last few weeks we've had the very special pleasure of hosting some of the most interesting, inventive, and delicious culinary experiences found anywhere in LA with our friends at Biite, a new platform that drops limited-edition, exclusive food collaborations that you won't find in any restaurant. 
Three weeks ago we kicked off the series with Chef Travis Passerotti of Tasting Kitchen. Travis, ever the tinkerer and creative, had been experimenting with his focaccia and concocted a new, off-menu Mortadella sandwich that left those who got one want another, and those who missed out immediately sign-up to hear about the next drop.
The next weekend, we had a doubleheader. On Saturday, Chef David Rodriguez of Ghisallo (formerly of Pizzana) wheeled out his charcoal grill to ladle out his absolutely Divine Polpette, served with pomodoro sauce, fresh ricotta, 24-month aged parmesan, and a piece of wonderfully charred sourdough garlic bread that had an intoxicating aroma that you could smell from blocks away. 
On Sunday, Diego Argoti of Estrano (formerly of Bavel and Bestia) who’s pop-ups are more like high-energy punk shows, dropped his "Estrano Dimebag: $10 Olive Bread & Tepache combo." The Olive loaf was the perfect balance of chewy and crunchy. The tepache, each bottle hand-painted by longtime Estrano collaborator and graffiti artist Marco Angeles, was tangy and refreshing. Both villainously delicious.
And this past Saturday we took the Los Angeles breakfast sandwich game to a whole other level with Stephanie and Chris of A.M. Smash, who made a one-time drop of their most decadent breakfast sandwich yet: The Limited Edition Truffle Brioche Smash, with fried organic pasture-raised egg, melty Muenster, avocado smear, and real truffle smash sauce on a parmesan-crusted brioche bun. They are total pros and turned out dozens of these beauties. Smiling faces and full bellies all around.
We're just getting started, so keep your eyes peeled for more one-of-a-kind, exclusive food experiences from Biite, right here at Deus Venice.
P.S. These sell out FAST, so be sure to keep you eyes peeled on our Instagram & @biite.club for new drops